Other Media

Media appearances

Talking about toleration and civil discourse on the Reimagining Liberty Podcast with Aaron Ross Powell, February 2023.

A nice piece at MLive for which I was interviewed, December 2022.

On NewsTalk STL with Mike Ferguson in St. Louis, November 2022. (Jump to 1:50:10)

C-Span, Talking about Civil Discourse before Thanksgiving, November 2022. (Forgive the fuzzy image; I think my old camera had a loose lens.)

On the Electric Agora Podcast with Kevin Currie-Knight discussing foster care, February 2021.

Discussing toleration on the Free Thoughts Podcast, September 2015.

Discussing toleration and corporate welfare at the University of New Orleans, 2015.

My Blog

I run the ProSocial Libertarians Group Blog. See my posts and those of my colleagues there. As of January 2023, ProSocial Libertarians is a Substack! Check us out!

Other Blogs, etc.

I occasionally have a post in Discourse Magazine. Lots of great stuff there by other people as well!

See my posts (and those of my colleagues) at the influential Bleeding Heart Libertarians Blog